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Tenda F3 issue of download speed

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  • Tenda F3 issue of download speed

    Hi.I am from india , i am facing issue of downloading speed in f3 router.Well when i join my WAN direct isp line port into leptop , it was showing 700kbps speed .When i join Isp cable wan cable into f3 router , it was showing only 70kbps speed.When i visited into tenda customercare , that guy told me this is possible issue of bug or something.Please report it with tenda site and in with customercare email id.
    What to do now?Replacement is not possible because of router is showing surfing speed only , not download speed.I showed vedio into your customercare but he told me tocontact with tenda support.Because of unfair speed , 80kbps download on 10mbps unlimited connection.I also called isp man , he showed me 700-800kbps download spees via connecting directly into leptop.While port connectig with tenda, it is showing 80kbps only.

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    Dear sir,

    Do you have any email address that i could help you timely ? i need to check some details .please send your issue to my email :
    Thank you .