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To request Chinese domains on mesh system

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  • To request Chinese domains on mesh system

    Dear all,

    About the issue that some customer said there are three Chinese domains requested from nova ,we fixed it .Send us email with your model if you have the same problem. Thank you for your cooperation.


    Best Regards.

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    Hi Carina,

    I have seen the large number lookups to chinese domains too on my mw6 but I thought that these domains were just being used to check if the internet connection was active. Now I see that the mw6 are doing lookups for domains like, and instead of the chinese domains. What I find a bit concerning is that Tenda is obviously able to push a new configuration to my mesh systems without the customer installing a firmware update. Could you please explain how this is possible?


    • Carina Lee
      Carina Lee commented
      Editing a comment
      Dear sir,

      This situation is called "networked detection mechanism" which is for the testing if devices can access to the internet . We designed and programmed it to Ping some domains that was just to check if the internet is working properly . And we didn't do anything to the Server of Nova and your system . Please send us email: If you have any question . we will help you asap. Thank you .

      Best Regards.