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Firmware Upgrade v1.0.0.16(6332) FAILING REPEATEDLY - Tenda Nova MW6

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  • Firmware Upgrade v1.0.0.16(6332) FAILING REPEATEDLY - Tenda Nova MW6

    I am facing problems with the Firmware upgrade. I clicked on the app and it upgraded one out of the 3 devices to v1.0.0.16(6332) where as the two other devices are still on v1.0.0.12(3312) . I clicked several times 9-10 times on the app and every time it tries to download it and then it says FAILED TO UPGRADE. I have rebooted all the devices and tried again but it still says FAILED TO UPGRADE. When I reach the Firmware Upgrade section in the app, it still says that the 2 devices are on older version.

    I called up India support, Mr. Nirbhay from support says that I should use it as it is and should not complain. I asked him that the new firmware supports Smart QOS, Smart assistant etc functions so why should I stay on older version then he says I should get the device replaced. He is totally oblivious to the fact that a new firmware is launched and what are the features. I called up Bangalore service center and they informed that they don't have stock of MW6 and I should come in next 4-5 days - this is an awkward situation.

    Shall I return the product and buy something like a NetGear or Google instead that is reliable. Terribly annoyed with the buggy app and the support structure. I am already turned off by seeing that it lacks the basic features like DHCP Address Reservation and the app doesn't allow me to set the WIFI Security like WPA/PSK etc. It is terrible !!!

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    Dear sir,

    Where did you bought it ? i need you to send us some screenshots about what the error display? We have those functions that you mentioned , this must be something wrong with your configuration on the APP . Leave us massage by sending a email ( ).Thank you .