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Does anyone work at Tenda???

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  • Does anyone work at Tenda???

    So I have been back and forth with my issue with support since early September when the firmware update rolled out. I still have one node that does not function. The last email from support said to contact customer service for possible replacement. I have tried and tried to reach anyone with this company with no result. I have tried using the phone number during working hours listed, never get an answer. I have tried email, I have even used Face Book messenger. No reply. I ordered this equipment from Amazon, and will now have to get them involved to see if they can contact you. All I want is all three nodes that I paid for to work. I am completely fed up with your lack of support and this will be the last Tenda product I will ever buy because of this. Has anyone in this forum had this experience? Has anyone been able to get support from them?

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    Dear sir,

    The return of the product is the responsibility of Amazon's after-sales customer service, we do not have this right to be responsible for your return, please contact the after-sales customer service, thank you for your support.

    Best Regards.