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DHCP Address reservation

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  • DHCP Address reservation

    I have some IP security cameras and a box that records the video to disk (DVR).
    The cameras get thier IP address using DHCP.
    The problem I have is that the cameras get allocated different addresses at different times by DHCP.
    The address of the cameras has to be manually programmed in order for the video to record.

    I came to check the recording to help the police last week, but because the camera address had changed, the recording was not available.

    The way this works on other routers is that there is a table where users can enter device MAC addresses and an reserved IP address.
    When the device requests an address, the the router will check the mac address against the table and allocate it the reserved address.

    I suggest that simplest way to implement this in the Tenda App could be an option in the connected device list, to "pin" or "lock" the IP address to the mac Address.

    This would be really useful.

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    Dear sir,

    Can you please tell me which model of router is it and where are you from ? Is this Camera managed by an APP? Thank you .